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We're Creative

We provide creative solutions to your data capturing and processing needs.

We're Professional

Out staff has extensive knowledge in technical solutions for scientific work.

We bridge science & technology

We work in the intersection of science & technology to provide cutting-edge solutions.

We specialize in data processing and capture of large life science data for social sciences and humanities

Capturing and processing large data sets is becoming increasingly important in social sciences and humanities, but project leaders can struggle with implementing the necessary technical solutions. We provide both standardized and customized solutions to meet your project needs and help set you and your team up for success.

Integrated Solutions

We offer integrated solutions using the University of Oslo’s services, such as Nettskjema, Educloud, TSD, NREC, and GCP to facilitate secure data capture and storage.

High-Performance Computing Analyses

Complex and large data often require the use of High-Performance Computing for efficiency and speed. We have expertise in utilizing HPC resources to handle your data needs.

Standardized Data Output

We can provide standardized output from various data sources to ensure clean and interoperable data for you to work with, making it easier to integrate into your existing workflow.

Customization on Demand

Our team offers custom solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs and existing infrastructure, ensuring a workflow that best suits you and your team


Capro approved as UiO Core facility

Capro approved as UiO Core facility

core-facilty / hub/node / uio

Approval to become a core facility at UiO will make it easier for researchers to use Capro’s services.

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Our Scientific Services

Statistical Programming Workshops

Mastering modern scientific software and workflows can be challenging for scientists. Our workshops provide hands-on training in popular open source programming languages and tools commonly used in scientific research to help you and your team get started.

Data Engineering

Collecting and managing data and keeping track of its lineage is a critical aspect of scientific research. We can provide guidance and advice on obtaining, cleaning and securely managing your data, whether it be from publicly available sources or specialized methods.

Data Science & Containerization

Scientific data often requires significant processing and specific formats for analysis. We offer data analysis services, covering processing, formatting, and modeling. Our team has expertise in various methods and experience in implementing reproducible workflows using containerization for reproducibility.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Analysing large and complex data sets in science often requires parallel computing. Our team has over a decade of experience in HPC and can help you with both acquiring and setting up resources for storage and processing of large datasets.

Applications & Databases

Customized software solutions can greatly enhance the efficiency of your research. We can develop web-based applications tailored to your specific needs, such as tracking and storing data and processing status, to help you identify and resolve issues early on.

Data Governance & FAIR principles

Proper data governance and adherence to FAIR principles are crucial for scientific research. We can provide guidance on structuring and managing your data to ensure it is discoverable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for the broader scientific community.

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Our Skills

We’re skilled in translating the needs of social scientists into technical solutions to aid their work.

  • 01-Data flow and processing

  • 02-Data capture

  • 03-Project data management

  • 04-Registry data handling

  • 05-HPC analyses

Our Works

Lifebrain Global Brain Health Survey

Lifebrain Global Brain Health Survey

We conducted the data processing and analyses for all associated reports and publications, and released the data publicly.

ggseg - Brain atlas in R

ggseg - Brain atlas in R

Allows plotting of brain atlas data using ggplot2 in R. Full with extensions for 3d plots, and multiple atlases.



Enables download of data and meta-data for surveys conducted with the Nettskjema survey tool by the University of Oslo.

TSD Imaging processing pipeline

TSD Imaging processing pipeline

Custom MRI import and processing pipeline for the Center of Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition.


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Our Team

Emilie Sogn Falch

Emilie Sogn Falch

Cognitive Neuroscience / Systematization of data collection

Focusing on data collection, management, and analysis for scientific research, Emilie offers guidance and systematization of data handling and provides data analysis services to support research endeavors.

Maksim Slivka

Maksim Slivka

Neuroimaging data processing / Optimization & standardization / Machine learning / HPC

With a MSc in Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Computational Neuroscience, Maksim is particularly skilled in processing MR and EEG data.

José-Luis Alatorre-Warren

José-Luis Alatorre-Warren

Computational neuroimaging / Structural and diffusion MRI / Developmental and evolutionary neuroscience

José Luis has a diverse background in engineering (BSc), applied physics (MSc), and evolutionary biology (PhD).

Inge Kasbohm Amlien

Inge Kasbohm Amlien

Data Engineer / Cloud / Containers / HPC

Tech background and a PhD in psychology /neuroscience. Inge has a passion for building robust and scalable solutions that allow researchers to focus on their research while maintaining high standards of data security and privacy.

Markus Handal Sneve

Markus Handal Sneve

fMRI analyses / HPC

Dr. Markus is highly skilled, holding a PhD in psychology. He is a dedicated researcher who consistently stays at the forefront of the field through his passion for exploring and discovering new advancements.

Athanasia Mo Mowinckel

Athanasia Mo Mowinckel

Workflow / Data processing / Web applications / R

With a PhD in psychology, Mo transitioned into research software and development as she saw technical solutions could aid fellow scientists in driving their projects forwards.

Cost estimates

Our services are contracted on an hourly basis (presentet excluding value added taxes), and our prices include some basic infrastructure to get started. In case of projects needing secure data locations (like TSD) or heavy computational nodes (like Saga), such project infrastructure will not be handled by CAPRO, but we can aid you in setting up data structures and workflows once you have that in place. We can advise you in your needs prior to any contracted work is begun. We also have some resources to run smaller projects on our own servers as long as regulatory guidelines are followed.

Hourly project rates cover human work hours, not computational hours.

Non-binding talks

UiO0 / 1 hour
Non-commercial1 100 / 1 hour
Commercial2 000 / 1 hour
  • 1:1 with a team member
  • Advice on services
  • If necessary, cost and time estimates for a project or workshop
Book a time


PSI UiO880 / hour
SV UiO968 / hour
UiO1 056 / hour
Non-commercial1 144 / hour
Commercial1 760 / hour
  • Some hours of HPC
  • 1-1 time with a team member
  • Code you will own
  • Direct line of contact with team


PSI UiO2 000 / hour
SV UiO2 200 / hour
UiO2 400 / hour
Non-commercial2 600 / hour
Commercial4 000 / hour
  • 2 hours prep per 1 hour workshop
  • Workshop materials
  • Team availability before and after workshop
  • Option for online workshop

Client testimonials

map[name:William F.C. Baaré position:Senior Researcher] - ©
William F.C. Baaré, Senior Researcher

Lifebrain, DRCMR

25 January 2023

The Capro team has been amazing in creating and maintaining a stable and scalable data management and processing environment. It has allowed me to successfully process thousands of brain MRI data sets.

map[name:Andreas Brandmaier position:Professor] - © Bogdan Hinrichs © Bogdan Hinrichs
Andreas Brandmaier, Professor

Lifebrain, Max Planck Institute

21 January 2023

Mo from Capro provided essential support in conducting a mega-analysis with raw data from about half a million people. She set up and maintained the computing environment on a HPC so that we could run the analysis smoothly and without the data ever leaving the secure storage location.

map[name:Barbara Bodorkos Friedman position:Administrative coordinator] - ©
Barbara Bodorkos Friedman, Administrative coordinator

Lifebrain EU-Consortium

10 January 2023

The unique and comprehensive Lifebrain database has, thanks to Mo’s data management skills, has become a real treasure-trove: she has setup a user-friendly, secure, easy to explore data structure (data from over 5000 participants). She has additionally organized the Global Brain Health Survey data (over 27 000 respondents) and has made all the data and statistical analyses available for further use.

map[name:Maëlle Salmon position:R(esearch) Software Engineer] - © Julie Noury Soyer © Julie Noury Soyer
Maëlle Salmon, R(esearch) Software Engineer

R-Ladies website (WordPress to Hugo)

24 January 2023

I’ve witnessed Mo’s masterful revamping of the R-Ladies website. She’s put a lot of care in creating a professional and beautiful interface, but also in creating sustainable update workflows for humans and machines. Her web development skills increase faster than Hugo version numbers, she’s very resilient to any 502 thrown at her, and she’s a kind and thoughtful collaborator. 200/10 would recommend working with her!

map[name:Agata Bochynska position:Researcher & Research Librarian] - ©
Agata Bochynska, Researcher & Research Librarian

Digital Scholarship Days Workshop

3 February 2023

I attended and co-organized Mo’s workshops on data processing, analysis, and reports. Mo is an excellent instructor who can adapt to different teaching contexts and audiences. Her enthusiasm for the topics makes the learning experience better.

map[name:Cosima Meyer position:Data Scientist] - ©
Cosima Meyer, Data Scientist

Workshop on data visualisation

23 January 2023

I attended Mo’s workshop on visualization with ggplot2 at R-Ladies Edinburgh in 2021. Mo is a very competent and enthusiastic teacher who can communicate complex content in an accessible manner. I learned a lot from the workshop and appreciate all the time and effort that went into it.

map[name:Kristine B. Walhovd position:Center leader] - ©
Kristine B. Walhovd, Center leader

Center for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition

10 September 2022

Capro created a custom database solution for us with our data spanning 15 years of longitudinal data collection. I am finally able to work with merged and tidy data for my papers, and to explore the entire catalogue of data without assistance!

map[name:David Bartrés-Faz position:Professor] - ©
David Bartrés-Faz, Professor

Lifebrain EU-Consortium, University of Barcelona

29 January 2023

The University of Barcelona and partners had successful access to the Lifebrain Consortium data thanks to the Capro team’s effective coordination. Capro organized data in an easy-to-navigate system and provided guidance and updates to ensure high standards. The data included demographics, cognition, lifestyles, and MRI.

map[name:William F.C. Baaré position:Seniorforsker] - ©
William F.C. Baaré, Seniorforsker

Lifebrain, DRCMR

25 January 2023

The advanced data processing pipelines the LCBC team developed and helped developing, with at times daily online face to face sparring and guidance sessions, have been pivotal to my research.

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